At Opera Schmopera, we firmly believe that making and taking part in opera can positively impact the lives of young people and their communities.

By having creative fun with people from different disciplines, with different passions and backgrounds, young people can learn first hand how simple it is to create something beautiful when you get along with others.

We use new, important and often funny stories to engage young people with ideas that they find meaningful. Then using the rich cultural heritage of opera and contemporary music, we connect young people to an awareness of where and who they are in their own story.

Finally, by giving participants the shared power to create something new and unique, we demonstrate our empowering creative process in performances that inspire audiences young and old alike.

Opera Schmopera is a cutting-edge professional opera company doing something new with something old. Whether it's a story about how to not be afraid of the dark anymore, or about the way teenagers talk about terrorism, Opera Schmopera strives to entertain, inspire and engage young audiences with opera. We take the best of the old and mix it with the best of the new.

Opera Schmopera was founded in 2016 by a young composer, Omar Shahryar, who is interested in making opera of all sizes for as many different people as possible, but especially young people. Omar believes young people are the best and most important audience of all, because they are the ones who are clever enough to solve the problems of us stupid grown-ups! That's why young people need lots and lots of inspiration, so they can find a way to make the world a better place.

Well, we think it's funny anyway. And we think it's pretty clever too.

We hope you do as well.


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